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I saw several people make this joke and had to do it: 

ACI Films and RiffTrax present “At Your Fingertips: Nintendo”

December 23 2017

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It’s a RiffTrax Christmas Sale! Get 10% off riffs this holiday weekend with coupon code SANTA
-> http://RiffTrax.com/Christmas-Sale-2017

December 22 2017

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Merry Christmas! BE AFRAID! Our Jack Frost riff is here! http://RiffTrax.com/Jack-Frost

December 21 2017

December 20 2017

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TELL MARTHA! It’s a Batman V. Superman Riff!

December 19 2017

December 18 2017

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Visit Christmas Customs Near and Far with Mike, Kevin, and Bill!

December 15 2017

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It’s a brand new holiday special! Go Beyond Christmas with Bridget and Mary Jo! http://RiffTrax.com/Beyond-Christmas

December 13 2017

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Ever wonder what the Whizzo The Clown of Snowmen would look like? Ready or not, Spunky The Snowman is here!

December 11 2017

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Add a RiffTrax DVD, Poster or Lunchbox to your collection today! It’s #FreeShippingDay on Rifftrax!

December 06 2017

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A short about Santa’s Elves? What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Get our latest holiday short, Santa Claus’ Workshop! http://RiffTrax.com/Santa-Claus-Workshop

December 04 2017

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Can the youth be tamed? Find out in our latest #MST3K: Untamed Youth!

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